Day 1

After our wonderful breakfast offered by Panos, our adventure started with a flat tire on brother Christian ’s scooter. Luckily brother Jerome changed the wheel in a record time, so the vicar didn’t have to wait to give us our blessing. We were fare welled by our family and friends before setting off for our trip!

Accompanied by Arne and Peter, we passed Roeselare and before we knew, we entered France around 10am.
Having trouble finding a good cruising road in the North, we found a beautiful stretch of road from Arras until the center of Amiens, where we got our second pilgrimage stamp in the cathedral.
Arriving in Beauvais, we had to find a campsite, but we had no luck.
A kind gentleman gave us the coordinates to a site 15 km from where we were.
Arriving at the camping site, having ridden for over 300 km, we agreed to hire a caravan with shower and toilet. Barbecued and had some drinks before heading off to our bed.
Tomorrow we will do a 300 trip to Tours.
Tomorrow we will do a 300 trip to Tours.20140613-223510-81310196.jpg