Day 10 – arrival on destination

Being only half an hour from our final destination and  with the weather looking far more better than yesterday we decided to take an early start.
(But even then we did have some fog patches on the way up)
We took the needed pictures by the sign of Santiago and headed of to the city center and the cathedral.
As it is not allowed to drive to the square, we had to push our scooters, just like Jesus carried his cross on the Calvary.
The mass for the pelgrims was due for noon, so we had some time to get our stamp. Arriving at the pelgrims office there was a line up to the middle of the street. Christophe had an idea, and popped in for a so called sanitary stop. But little did we know, that there was a special entrance for the people of the Low Lands. We had a nice cup of coffee and did some pelgrims talk with the nice people of the ‘Nederlands Genootschap Sint-Jacob’.
We were just in time for the mass with as highlight the swinging of the smoking pendula.
Later on, we left Santiago and headed north, back to our home town Bruges.
We stopped for some gasoline, and found an nice hotel just next to it.
Checked in, and we are ready for some red devils football.