Day 14

After our lovely breakfast we headed off – again.
We decided to make a small detour to the mont Saint Michel.
We headed down the coastline to point de Hoc, for a small walk between the bunkers of the ‘Antlantikwall’. A bit further south at ‘Arromanches’, we stopped for a photo at the pontoons from the Allies. There, a few Londeners started talking to us, and offered us a pint, which we accepted with gratitude! Those cool guys were scooterists , just like us, making a ride through France, just like us. After buying them a beer, we headed off direction to the beautiful city of ‘Honfleur’.
We passed the famous Pegassus Bridge and a few miles later we stopped at a nice hotel. After a quick meal, we watched the footbal on our tablet, because the television in France did not send out the match.
We enjoyed the ending … i’m sure like all of you … !