Day 9

Having had a typical spanish breakfast, we packed our scooters and headed of into the mountains again.
We took more than 4 hours to make only 120 km, trough the ‘Reserava Nacional Ancares Leoneses’. A desolate piece of spain, with places where the people don’t even haven electicity…
After an amazing scenerey, we took on the mointain with a climb with anĀ avarage of 16% during several long kilometres. Our little machines were tested to the limit, 3 made it to the summit, and one had to be tweaked to succeed by removing the airfilter. On the summit, the view was breathtaking.
After we took some pictures, we headed down, 16% again, but now downhill, which was much faster :-)
We took the national road to Beceria, and Sarria. From there on we started to see lots of fellow pelgrims on foot and on bike.
The rain came down, but that didn’t stop us to continue our route.
We stopped in Arzua for the night stop, and finally we found a nice hotel, after visiting some hostels, where poeple were packed like sardines. (at least 30 stinking pelgrims in one room)
After a meal we had a early night, because tomorrow we head of to our final destination.